• Tofino Motel Harbor View Room

    Sleeps 4 People ~ 2 Extra Long Double Beds

  • Water View Room 2

  • Fred Tibbs Condo 26

    Sleeps 4 People ~ Queen/ Double

  • Water Front Condo 18

    Sleeps 4 People ~ Queen/ Pull Out Couch

  • Fred Tibbs Condo 20

    Sleeps 2 People ~ Queen

  • South Beach Cabin

    Sleeps 3 People ~ Queen/ Single Cot

  • Cedar Cottage with Hot Tub

    Sleeps 3 People ~ Queen/ Single Cot

  • South Beach House

    Sleeps 4 People ~ Queen/ King /4in Foam Cot

  • Spring's Studio

    Sleeps 2 People ~ King Bed

  • Fred Tibbs Condo 22

    Sleeps 4 People ~ Queen/ Double/ Pull Out Couch

  • Fred Tibbs Condo 15

    Sleeps 4 People ~ Queen/ Pull Out Couch

  • Fred Tibbs Condo 4

    Sleeps 3 People ~ Queen/ Pull Out Couch

  • Tofino Motel One Bedroom Suite

    Sleeps 4 People ~ Queen/ Single/ Single

  • Fred Tibbs Condo 14

    Sleeps 2 People ~ Queen Bed

Travel Advisory

Hwy 4 Traffic Advisories

Kennedy Hill Safety Improvements 


       Check the sources in the Current Travel Advisories box for up-to-date information.    The following are planned traffic stoppage conditions for the duration of the project.


  •  Majority of the rock blasting and traffic stoppages are planned during the night to minimize traffic disruptions, but some traffic stoppages are required for “daylight critical” activities like rock scaling.

  •  Nightly traffic stoppages are permitted year-round as per the stoppages schedule below.

  •  Two middays 1-hour stoppages permitted during off-peak season, and Single Lane Alternating Traffic (SLAT) is permitted year-round between 7am and 10pm.

  •  SLAT may result in up to 30-minute delays during peak traffic periods during the day. • No traffic stoppages are permitted on Friday evenings between 10pm and midnight. First nighttime stoppage to occur between 1am and 4am on Friday nights.

  •  No traffic stoppages are permitted during long weekends, including the day before or after (SLAT will still be in effect).

  •  LINK: https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/transportation/transportation -infrastructure/projects/highway4kennedyhill/traffic-advisories

Stoppages will be mostly between 10pm – 7am in High Season, more on the Off Season. 

Please check link above for exact times…